Breeders of World Class AQHA & APHA Performance & Halter Horses 
Riverside Meadows Strathcona

Chris Miller & Rich Zenner

Performance & Halter Horses

"Im As Good As ItGets"  
2010 AQHA Brown Mare 
Reg# 5309313

Unshown and unstarted due to injury as yearling

Sire: Good I Will Be
A Good Machine

Miss Trophy Dash 
Zippos Mr Good Bar

War Kelpie

HotRodders Jet Set

Que Lee
Dam: Super Skip Song
Princely Best

Ponoka Badlands
Princely Song

Wranglers Best

Super Joe

Skip Badlands 19

"Open Range Sunrise" 
2009 AQHA Red Roan Mare
Reg# 5244083

Sire: OpenRange
Zippos Mr Good Bar

Leaguers Zipanna
Zippo Pine Bar

Tamara Wess

Leaguers Wess

Lady Zipanna
Dam: Zippen Shady Lady
Frosty Zipper

Ol Shady Pine
Zippos Doug Two

DJF San Sue

Barry Pine

Ole Shady Lady

"Face It Im Cupid"
2005 AQHA Red Roan Mare
Reg# 4627300

Sire: Face It Im Good
Zippos Mr Good Bar

Blue Tigress
Zippo Pine Bar

Tamara Wess

Tiger Leo

Camp Town Cutie
Dam: Shes Realy Fun
Dynamic Deluxe

In Scent of Fun
Sonny Deluxe

Boston Sonora

Mito Commander

Docs Bonita Babe

"In My Red High Heels" 
2007 AQHA Sorrel Mare 

Sire: Coats N Tails
Invitation Only

Of Royal Blood (TB)
Barpassers Image

Bears Raisin Kane

Red Wing Bold (TB)

Toulousette (TB)
Dam: Ticklish Chance (TB)
Drone On The Phone (TB)

Fran Baby (TB)
Drone (TB)

Ticklish (TB)

Jaipurbille (TB)

Rabalam (TB

"Pretty Imprinted" / "BC Solidly Imprinted" 
2003 N/N AQHA & APHA Sorrel N/N Mare
AQHA Reg# 4911365
APHA Reg# 719,867

2003 APHA World Champion - Weanling Fillies

World Show Top 10 Producer....

"Prettys Lil Secret"

Sire:  RH Imprinted
Socketts Imprint

Squeezin B Pleazin

Heavy Impression

Mr Conclusion

Rosita Bo Kay
Dam:  Te Totalin Tardee
Universal Te

Isle Be Tardee
Sierra Te

Lovee Te

Tardees Impressive

Fat Baby Pat

2003 AQHA Chestnut N/N Mare
Reg# 4377206

Sire:  Telusive
Kid Clu

Star Born Blu
Obvious Conclusion

Conclusives Lace

Born As A Star

Bouncy Blu
Dam:  Classy Lookin Color
Color Me Skip

Ms Celebrite
Skip Sioux

Rebels Choice

Mr Celebrite

Dancers Win

"A Solid Style" 
2011 APHA/AQHA Buckskin N/H Mare
APHA #1,007,684

Sire: Kids Classic Style
Kid Clu

Tootsy Rolls Redford
Obvious Conclusion

Conclusives Lace

Rolls Redford

Skip Badlands
Dam: MS Tampa Bay

Miss MBJ Heartbreak
Mr Conclusion

Skipper Jo Bay

Mr Impressive

Miss Year

"RMS A Tru Diva" 
2014 AQHA/APHA Bay N/H Mare
AQHA #5650155
APHA #01047301

Sire:  An Awesome Image
Mighty Awesome

PJ Prophets Image
Barlink Macho Man

Son Sweet Dreams

Obvious Prophet

Expressive Image
Dam: Tardees Tru N Tru
Call Me Tardee Clu

A Stay At Home Mom
Kid Clu

Tardees Second Lady

A Classical Mister

My Sweet Cameo